• Franz-Samsa.jpeg
    Franz Samsa
  • Mark-Watkins-Do-you-Wanna.jpg
    Mark Watkins - Do you Wanna
  • Marta-Uceda-27.jpg
    Marta Uceda
  • Phil-Carney-love-letters-lost.jpg
    Phil Carney - Love Letters Lost
  • Marta-Uceda-10.jpg
    Marta Uceda
  • Imad-Habbab-The-Anciant-Flavor.jpg
    Imad Habbab - The Anciant Flavor
  • Imad-Habbab-Heroes.jpg
    Imad Habbab - Heroes
    Teatro Balocco - I monti nascono dagli abissi
  • Jacob-Banaz.jpg
    Jacob Banaz
  • Jack-Kid-Please-Dream-My-Silouette-for-Ryosuke-Cohen.jpg
    Jack Kid - Please Dream My Silouette for Ryosuke Cohen
  • Jack-Kid-For-Lutz-Wohlrab.jpg
    Jack Kid - For Lutz Wohlrab
  • Richard-Hricko-Snow-II.jpg
    Richard Hricko - Snow II
  • Alvaro-Sanchez-commodification.jpg
    Alvaro Sànchez - Commodification
  • Alvaro-Sanchez-soultobrain.jpg
    Alvaro Sànchez - From Soul to Brain
  • Antonio-Occulto.jpg
    Antonio Occulto

Selected Artworks

In this gallery you will find all the artworks carefully selected by our visual art staff through the generic call for artists. This gallery is updated without any periodicity.

Visual Art Staff: Walter Paganuzzi, Stefania Trotta, Giulia “Pasa” Frascari
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