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We’re almost at the end of another bad-news year. The next one doesn’t have to be.

Are you going into another lock-down? Are you trying to desperately distract yourself from yet another zoom meeting? At a loss of what to talk to your friends about because human interaction seems to be a thing of the past?

Have no fear. rapso is here.

And we’ll be there for you for the next 365 days – no matter what’s in the cards for us all.

We are proud to announce our new, limited edition, page-breaking creative calendar to celebrate our 1st birthday!

The calendar is a compilation of 12 artworks of various genres: Illustrations, paintings, video, music, collage, poetry, photography, and more. And you don’t have to admire from afar. We want you to really use your calendar and give it life- that’s why we made it interactive. Just have your phone handy, because you’ll need it.


What’s more- The dates in the calendar don’t follow conventional religious/national holidays.

Instead, the rapso team hand-picked and highlighted 60 random events throughout the year. From art history and curious facts to anniversaries and much more- wanna know when kissing was declared illegal in Naples? Ever wondered when David Bowie first graced this planet with his presence? We’ll tell you and keep you entertained to pass the time.

You can also value the aesthetic of coincidence. What if you land your dream job on Tuesday, 8 November? It’s the day the Louvre opened to the public, and now you have two things to celebrate.

Each day of the week is marked with a unique shape, from Sunday (1st) to Saturday (7th). The 8-point shape represents the 8th, eternal day, and serves as the theme for this calendar.

Added bonus: The calendar is digitally printed on hi-end and highly sustainable paper- see details below!

Ecological characteristics:

  • FSC® certified (FSC-C012975)

  • Alkaline reserve > 2%

  • Recyclable or recoverable in the form of energy

  • Neutral pH (cold extraction)

  • Pulp bleached using ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) process

  • EN71/3 Safety of Toys (migration of certain elements)

  • 94/62/CE (permitted levels of heavy metal content in packaging)

  • Acid Free