Waiting for Rapso 13

What is Rapso 13?

Rapso 13 is Rapsodia’s first ‘thematic’ experiment. The chosen theme, The Aesthetics of Repetition (click here to read the English version of the call for artists for this issue) has attracted a varied and eclectic mix of artists from all over the world. Hundreds of artists and writers participated in the call for artists for this special edition. This unexpected response was extremely exciting for the editorial staff who were, to be completely honest, initially a bit skeptical about the potential outcome of this project.

The selection

And in other important news: Rapso 13 is also the first issue that has operated through the peer review system. Members of both the Italian and international editorial staff received the material in an anonymous form, to ensure a non-biased review of the texts.

This has been an enjoyable experiment, which has helped raise the quality and standard of the work included in the 13th issue. Just one third of the material received through the call has been selected for publication; even the internal staff material has been subjected to the guillotine. The editorial staff rated every piece of writing submitted on a scale from 0 to 10: the average of the votes total was 5.50 for the national group and 6.80 for the international group.
The cover

We received a great number of images through this call for artists and choosing just one for the cover has not been easy. After an initial selection by assigned artists, editorial staff expressed their preferences through a simplified version of the “Borda’s Method”. Seven out of more than 50 images were initially selected and, out of these seven, one was chosen as the front cover, one as the back cover and one as the first page image.

For this issue, the final choice for the cover is this beautiful image by Jeanne Teolis (see image) that convinced the majority of the staff to be the “ideal cover” for the thematic special edition.



Special features

Included in Rapso 13 are special features that are interesting beyond literature. These are two exclusive interviews: one is with Turin based saxophonist Gianni Denitto, who we met up with in Dakar (Senegal), during his stay there for an ‘artistic holiday’. This interview is about his musical show, the theme of which is strongly correlated with the sentiment at the heart of our call for artists for this issue. This piece introduces our music column, Teen Town. The second interview is with actor/theatre director Luigi Morra, who spoke to us about his play TVATT, that incorporates the use of the loop station and ‘repetitions’ as do all of his plays.


What else?

In Rapso 13 you will also find the usual wide selection of collage, photography and illustration in classic Rapsodia style; experimental poetry in Italian and multiple other languages (translations from English, Spanish, and newly from French to Italian are included in the issue); two interesting essays; a beautiful short story (one of the texts that has been rated the highest by our editorial staff); and the review of “Il nome dell’album e I misteri del sonno”, the new album by I Misteri del Sonno in collaboration with Promorama.


Will this tale continue?

Despite the initial plan to publish two more issues in 2016, the board has decided to postpone the project until the end of summer. This decision has not been made in order to peacefully lie under a beach umbrella sipping one Mojito after the other whilst reading Rapso 13; this has been decided in order to patiently reflect on the new product and make the best of Rapsodia, as we want to give the best we can to our readers. The editorial staff will have a meeting in September so as to discuss the past, present and future of the project. If this tale will continue… it will depend entirely on the involvement and support of our public, as we would not exist without you.


trad.it. Julie Orsatti

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